Arbitration can present a valuable alternative avenue for dispute resolution, particularly where privacy and confidentiality are paramount.

Arbitration is a procedure under which the parties agree between themselves to submit a dispute to one or more arbitrators to make a binding decision on the dispute.  When the parties choose to arbitrate, they are opting for a private dispute resolution procedure instead of going to court.

Whilst nobody enters into a contract anticipating that it will ultimately be the subject of a dispute, one should give careful consideration at the outset to how any disputes which do arise are to be resolved, including whether arbitration is the best option for you. 

Forsters’ Dispute Resolution team can assist you in determining which dispute resolution process will best suit your needs. We can provide guidance on the appropriate clauses to be used in your contract to ensure that you know what to expect and do in the event of a dispute.

If a dispute which is subject to an arbitration clause does arise, the team has extensive experience in overseeing all manner of arbitrations. We advise on small scale single issue disputes to complex and high value cross-border disputes for individuals and companies, working with and against some of the leading barristers and firms both in the UK and internationally.

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