Senior Executives

Our Senior Executives Advisory team provides holistic advice and support to internationally mobile senior executives on tax, employment and immigration.

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Our team advises on the impact of the UK’s connecting factors to the UK tax regime, domicile and residence, and ensures that full advantage is taken of pre-arrival planning to ensure a tax-efficient move for executives (and their families and household staff) moving to or leaving the UK. Analysis of the executive’s employment package to secure the best tax outcome in negotiating, for example, bonuses, share incentives, carried interest and good and bad leaver provisions.


The team advises on the UK’s immigration rules most relevant to internationally mobile business executives and entrepreneurs. We assist clients by planning and co-ordinating their applications for the relevant UK visa especially those under more business-centric immigration routes such as the Skilled Worker Visa. We also advise European nationals on how they can protect their position and retain their right to remain and work in the UK following Brexit.


We advise senior executives on all matters relating to their employment. At the start, we are there to negotiate the best terms, including those relating to equity and other financial incentives such as carried interest, often in situations where complex cross-border issues arise. The team is used to handling these negotiations in a way which protects our clients’ interests, whilst maintaining good relations with their new employer. At the end, we are there to secure the best possible exit: whilst securing a good financial deal is important, so too is protecting other interests, such as reputation.

Separately, if senior executives are being seconded to the UK by an overseas employer, it is important for those secondment arrangements to be reviewed to ensure that, for example, at the end of the secondment he or she has the right to return to their original role.

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Senior Executives: thinking of relocating to the UK?

We answer common questions raised at key stages of the relocation process.

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Working from where? - Working remotely abroad

Forsters' specialist team present a webinar covering the issues arising for internationally mobile employees and their employers during the pandemic.

Working remotely abroad

What does Brexit mean for UK employment rights?

The Trade and Cooperation Agreement agreed between the UK and the European Union sets out the on-going trade relations between the two trading partners. In relation to employment rights, the UK has agreed to ensure that a “level playing field” is maintained between employers either side of the English Channel.

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Moving to the UK - Everything you need to know

Moving to the UK is an exciting life event whether it be a short-term move for work to explore business prospects or a more permanent relocation with the whole family; the UK offers an eclectic range of options to live, work and learn, from the cityscapes of London to vineyards in the English countryside and historic university towns in-between. Setting up life in a new country can feel daunting too and it can be difficult to know where to start.

Moving to the UK

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